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5/8" Aluminum Hood Spacer Kit
1984 - 2001 Jeep XJ Cherokee
Kit Contents:
2 Aluminum Hood Spacers
1 Hardware Kit
1 Step-by-Step instructions
Part #: 43-701

Whether on the trail or in summertime traffic,
what XJ wouldn't benefit from our 5/8" Aluminum Hood Spacer Kit?
It is designed to maximize the amount of heat allowed to escape from
under your hood, keeping your engine cooler and happier.

Raises the back of the hood from the body - subtle yet effective

No modifications necessary so hood can be returned to factory location at any time

Why our kit?
5/8" has been requested by several customers so we now offer it in this size as well.

Better than most vent set-ups cut into the hood,
which have a tendency to allow too much rainwater under hood,
soaking engine & distributor, resulting in possible no start and check engine problems.


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